Monday, October 14, 2019

2.4 Due 10/18- Price Adjustment: Economics Chapter 6

Price Adjustment: Glencoe Economics Chapter 6    

surplus is a situation in which the quantity supplied is greater than the quantity demanded at a given price. Therefore, the price tends to go down as a result of the surplus.  On the other hand, a shortage is a situation in which the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied at a given price. As a result, both the price and the quantity supplied will go up in the next trading period.

Directions: To further explain the Supply and Demand, watch the following lesson and answer the questions below. Post your answers.
Demand and Supply Price Adjustment


Questions: Recall a recent visit to an area shopping mall or online vendor and look for examples of surpluses and shortages. List 5 to 10 items for each concept. Note that almost any sale or clearance item can be an example of a surplus, while rain checks or sold-out items signal a shortage. Post your list of surplus and shortage items.Also write a brief paragraph in which you hypothesize as to why the surplus or shortage occurr

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

2.3 What is the Economy? CAV-O-NOMICS Due 10/11

What is Economics 

1.   View the Power Point: What is Economics as a review of the key concepts and          terms from Chapter 1.
2. View Lesson 1: Lesson 1 We the Economy, CAV-O-NOMICS
3. Post Response to: 

What is the value in studying economics?

    Image result for image of cave o nomics
  • Describe the difference between a need and a want.
  • From the power point, what are the basic forms of scarcity, describe the role of trade offs in light of scarcity.
  • Our textbook noted four factors of production on page 5, these are called "scarce factors" in the power point. Describe the four factors. 
  • Define the terms: Economy, free market, and market place
  • Describe self interest and how it impacts the market place
  • Explain the relationship between productivity and innovation
  • What prevents deceptive and dehabilitating practices in the market? 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

2.2 Supply an Demand due 10/4

Supply and Demand

Directions: View the following supply and demand clip We the Economy: Supply and Dance Man After watching the clip, scroll down on the website and take the online quiz. Then answer the following questions and post your answers: 

1. Explain the relationship between supply and demand. How did the demand impact the Supply and Dance Man in the "Supply and Dance Man"?

2. Describe what the term "cutting the competitor" involves. How did the Supply and Dance man cut the competitor in the "Supply and Dance Man"?

3. Compare and contrast demand curve and supply curve. At what point do they intersect?

4. Comment on another student's post.

Monday, September 23, 2019

2.1 Intro/Economic Literacy Quiz due date: 9/27

Welcome to the Parkview Economics Discussion Board 

All postings titles will be marked by the school month and school week and due date. So this is the first week posting for month 2, and the title is 2.1.....  

You are required to make 2 posts on the discussion board every week. The first post is your response to the questions posted. The work is to be your own, plagiarism will result in a failing grade. The second response is a comment to a classmates post.

Due date: Discussion Board responses are due by Friday of the week of the posting. 

Grades: PLEASE COPY YOUR POSTS AND TURN IN WITH YOUR MONTHLY WORK. Discussion Board participation is 10% of your grade. You will get credit for your participation and will be marked down for posting late, or not posting at all.

Study Guide: Each discussion board question is related to question on the final. Students who complete each posting do better on the final. A more detailed study guide will be provided a few weeks before the final.

Finals: January 13th.  The finals will be multiple choice questions based on the textbook and discussion board. 

 This week you will have an opportunity to meet  classmates and discover your economic literacy. In your first posting, write a paragraph or two that answers these questions:

  • What is your name, grade, and age?
  • What are some hobbies or activities you're involved in?
  • Define economics in your own words?
  • Why are you interested in studying economics?
  • Now take the economic quiz and answer the questions related to the quiz. 
As you read other students' responses, respond to one or more of these questions in your follow-up posting(s):
  • What interests you most about studying economics?
  • Do you think studying economics is relevant today? Explain your answer.
  • Do you think economics is important in your life? Give examples.

Economic Literacy Quiz

How much economic knowledge do you have?

Directions:  Test your own economic literacy with 20 questions.Then view results to see how you rank against everyone else who has taken the quiz. Post your answers to the following questions below the quiz link. 

Take the Quiz

1. Did you score above or below the national average of 70%? Post your answer to this question. 

2. What experience do you have with economics? 

3. What would you like to learn more about regarding economics in this class?